Castle Lord / Daimyo

This would be the guy who owns the castle; we're all here at his request and on his land.
Name: Hida Okami

Under the Daimyo are three basic groups the Army, the Court, and the Populus.

Of the Army

The Army would be lead by the highest ranking soldier in the Crab Armies, he would probably only be a Taisa, but may be a Shireikan or Rikugunshokan who performs these duties because he should be retired or wanted the position- either way we call ourselves a Legion.
Taisa name: Hida Keitko

He would have the troops mustered from the region, and those assigned to him by the Crab. These would technically be the Legion (5000 men) the Legion is named for presumably. These troops would be broken down into units of 1000 men under the command of a Chui (Lieutenant) and those in turn would be broken into platoons and squads. That gives you 1x Taisa, 4-6x Chui, dozens upon dozens of Gunso & Nikulai all members of the Crab clan.

The non-Crab troops and warriors would be different however; the Crab Clan would not allow the Unicorn to patrol their boarders or the Dragon to collect their taxes- so a new solution would be needed. They would be honored guests who have pledged their lives to fight beside the Crab- not just one or two (as that occasionally happens) but instead you have hundreds of them. They have loyalties and duties to their home and Clan but still stand by the Legion. Those who wish to serve in a military capacity would be placed under the Taisa- and he would probably place the like-minded of each clan into their own groups. If the Crab number 5000 then these totaled would probably only come to about 200 to 250 per Clan at most- another 2000 fighting men and women. These groups would be divided along Clan lines, and the highest-ranking soldier in each group would have an honorary title of Chui in the Legion command structure. Under each of them the formations and structure of the forces would be as needed, however they would have over all responsibility of the actions of the soldiers under their command while in Crab lands or while on Jade Hand business. One Chui for each clan that sent *fighting* troops- Crane, Unicorn, Lion, Mantis and Phoenix- I'm not sure if Dragon, Scorpion or any minor clans would send troops?

Of the Populus

The Army and the Populus are related in many ways- primarily due to the nature of Crab fortifications however with the influx of non-Crab samurai the needs and limits of the Castle and surrounding areas would change accordingly. For the Crab the most important positions and requirements would be Quartermaster for the castle, weapon, armor and blacksmiths, and perhaps a few good sake houses in the nearby village. The Dragon who arrives may set up a library, the Crane may bring along a few artisans and entertainers, the Unicorn would need a stable and stable master who knows what he is doing, and by Fu-Leng's beard- I know I'd want a few shrines in the castle! Basicly that non-combat type that makes Rokugan so cool- we have a few artisans and poets, I think I've seen someone's tagline about being a merchant. They directly support the duties of the Jade Hand but may or may-not be a combat capable person. They are under the command of either the Castle Lord, or Taisa or may be simply involved with the courts- but they are the vital and important to the function of the Legion and the area.

Of the Courts

There are three types of courtiers I can predict at the castle- the Legion members, the Legion sympathizers and finally the Legion's enemies. All of these people are under the 'reigns' of the court chamberlain usually the Hatamoto or a relative of the daimyo of the castle, the Hatamoto can arrange appointments and arrange for business to be pushed back another day ect- he controls their schedule, so he can try to keep them all moving in the same direction (furthering the Legion's agenda!). The courts the Legion is friendly with should have a Dignitary who functions as an intermediary to them, and they may have assistants and guards as well. Also the Legion is bound to piss someone off, so dignitaries and courtiers from other parts would arrive to spy and detract from our duty. Many families may see the legion as an idea with potential- and send a emissary to watch and see if the idea works or fails.