Daimyo / Castle's Lord - Hida Okami

* Crab Clan Taisa of the Legion (7500 to 10,000 men) - Hida Keitko
- Crab Chui (5 Chui with 1000 men under them each)
- Non-Crab Chui (perhaps 5 Chui with 500 to 1000 men under them each)
- Advisors and Command Staff (probably numbering about 1% of the total military)

* Court Hatamoto and his Staff (10% of the courts- the court would probably be 20% the size of the military)

- Clan Ambassadors (10% of the courts)
- Clan & Imperial Magistrates (20% of the courts)
- Visiting Dignitaries (non-Legion members) (30% of the courts)
- Courtiers who joined the Legion (30% of the courts)

* Each Temple (not Shrines) would have a Caretaker (2 to 4 people per Temple, one temple per 10 thousand in population)
* Smiths and Craftsmen (Probably 15% of the overall population)
* Each Dojo would have a Teacher or Sensei (3 to 12 people per Dojo, this would be arbitrary as to how many)
* Village and surrounding area (4 times the total population of the castle- 30,000 to 40,000 as a rough guess)

The village area can support about three fourths of the castle needs (I'm taking into account the large non-crab samurai in the area) and the rest would obviously be food and supplies brought in from other clans to support the Legion. (So we'd have caravans traveling back and forth as well as lands and holdings in other clans sending support to the group.