S.W.A.T. Team


Speedy Weenies And Tacticians. This deck, like it's name, can hit hard and fast. Two provinces on turn three isn't unusual. It can also switch if there is too much opposition, or while you wait for Peasant Revolt to hit.

Shiro Matsu / Toturi Tsudao

Dynasty (40)

Fate (40)

1x Imperial Gift
1x Peasant Revolt
1x Welcome Home

3x Copper Mine
3x Gambling House
1x Gifts and Favors
3x Jade Works
3x Noh Theater Troupe
3x Small Farm

3x City of Gold

3x Akodo Ijiasu
3x Akodo Rokuro
3x Akodo Tadenori
1x Akodo Tekkan
3x Akodo Yobi
1x Ikoma Fujimaro
1x Matsu Domotai exp.
3x Matsu Hyun
2x Block Supply Lines
3x Corruption's Price
3x Counterattack
3x Focus
2x Geisha Assassin
3x Rallying Cry
2x Refugees
2x Return for Training
3x Superior Strategist
3x Superior Tactics

1x Shiryo no Taisa

1x Ring of the Void

1x Hunting Tiger
1x Jester
3x Lion's Pride
1x Matsu House Guard
3x Omoidasu

1x Celestial Sword of the Lion
1x Chukandomo
1x The Imperial Standard