Yu Like My Weapon?


This deck first started out as a simple throw together deck that I needed for a tournament, and is now infamous among the Crab related lists. So far, this deck has come out undefeated at SOTD and WOTR, and has not lost any other game it has played. Combining the power of Yu and Weapons, this deck is meant to hit hard and fast, before the opponent has a chance to react. The main weakness of the deck is anything that hits the Crab where it hurts, mainly duelling and honor. Send comments to diablo_5@hotmail.com. Deck is through FOU.

Razor's Edge Dojo / Toturi Tsudao or Toturi Sezaru

Dynasty (42)

Fate (41)

1x Imperial Gift
1x In Time Of War
1x Traveling Merchants

3x Blacksmiths
1x Kisada's Shrine
2x Gifts and Favors
2x Kaiu Forge
3x Iron Mine
3x Jade Works
3x Lesser Shrine
3x The Hiruma Dojo

3x Hida Kosho
1x Hida Kuon (Experienced 2)
1x Hida Osano-wo
1x Hida Sakamoto
3x Hida Sunao
3x Hida Reiha
1x Hida Reiha (Experienced)
3x Hiruma Tatsuzo
3x Hida Yagimaki
3x Armed and Ready
3x Another Time
3x Legendary Strength
3x Rallying Cry
3x Relentless Assault
3x Superior Tactics
3x Test of Courage
3x Test of Might
3x Wall of Steel

1x Tampako no Shiryo

1x Atarasi's Armor
1x Celestial Sword of the Crab
3x Dai Tsuchi
3x Dotanuki
3x Ono
1x Yakamo's Armor
1x Yoritomo's Kama