Screw Yu v4.0


If you win the battle, they lose their army, and you gain a lot of honor. If they win the battle, they still lose their army, may actually lose honor, and you may still have an army. You don't care if your guys die... that just makes the rest of them better. Deck is through BB.

Yasuki Palaces/Toturi Tsudao

Dynasty (40)

Fate (41)

1x Imperial Ambassadorship
1x Imperial Gift
1x Welcome Home

3x Iron Mine
3x Jade Works
1x Kabuki Theater Troupe
1x Kisada's Shrine
3x Poorly Placed Garden
2x Sanctified Temple
3x Silk Works
3x The Hiruma Dojo

3x Hida Kosho
2x Hida Kuon
1x Hida Kuon (Experienced 2)
3x Hida Kuroda
2x Hida Reiha
1x Hida Reiha (Experienced)
1x Hida Sakamoto
3x Hida Shara
2x Hida Sunao
2x Ambush
3x Be Prepared to Dig Two Graves
3x Block Supply Lines
1x Burning Your Essence 2x No One Wins
3x Pick Your Battles
3x Relentless Assault
3x Superior Tactics
3x Surrender
3x To The Last Man
2x We Will Have Revenge

1x Tampako no Shiryo

3x Ashigaru Archers
3x Ashigaru Spearmen
1x Kisada's Fist
2x Veteran Samurai

1x Celestial Sword of the Crab
1x Golden Obi of the Sun Goddess