End of Story v2.0


Straightforward Crab Smash Deck. Build up lots of force, draw lots of cards, then go to town using the Armor and Battle Enders to prevent sneaky defence actions/force pumps. Using the SH and the Ashigaru, you should draw up your deck fairly quick, and then use the Walks to find whatever else you need. This deck won the 2002 Region 4 Kotei.

Kyuden Hida/Toturi Tsudao

Dynasty (41)

Fate (40)

1x Imperial Gift
1x In Time of War
1x Welcome Home

2x Bushi Dojo
1x Crab Recruiter
3x Hiruma Dojo
3x Iron Mine
3x Jade Works
1x Sanctified Temple
3x Small Farm
2x Trading Grounds
3x Hida Hitoshi
3x Hida Kuon
1x Hida Kuon (Experienced)
1x Hida Rohiteki
2x Hida Tenshu
3x Hida Yasuhiro
3x Kuni Utagu
1x Kuni Utagu (Experienced)
3x Toritaka Tatsune
3x Deadly Ground
1x Deeds, Not Words
3x Night Battle
3x Rallying Cry
3x Sneak Attack

3x Ashigaru Archers
2x Ashigaru Hordes
3x Ashigaru Spearmen
3x Heavy Infantry
1x Hida House Guard
3x Hiruma Archers
3x Scout
2x Untested Troops

3x Walking the Way

1x Celestial Sword of the Crab
2x Armor of Sun Tao

1x Ring of the Void