The Way of the Crane

Kosaten Shiro/Toturi Tsudao

Dynasty (41)

Fate (41)

1x Imperial Gift
1x Welcome Home
1x Boundless Sight

2x Campsite

1x Gifts & Favors
3x Marketplace
3x Noh Theater Troupe
2x Poorly Placed Garden
3x Sanctified Temple
1x Shrine of the Sun
3x Silk Works
3x The Hiruma Dojo

1x Daidoji Rekai (Experienced 2)
3x Doji Kurohito
1x Doji Kurohito (Experienced)
1x Doji Reju (Experienced 2)
3x Doji Yasuyo
3x Kakita Atoshi
1x Kakita Rensai
3x Yasuki Hachi
1x Yasuki Hachi (Experienced)
2x Balance in Nothingness
3x Block Supply Lines
2x Counterattack
3x Deeds, Not Words
3x Flattery
3x Geisha Assassin
3x Iaijutsu Duel
2x Imperial Edicts
2x In Search of the Future
3x Superior Tactics
3x To Do What We Must

1x Toshimoko no Shiryo

1x Celestial Sword of the Crane
1x The Imperial Standard
1x Chukandomo

1x Doji House Guard
1x Jester
1x Spirit Legion
3x Veteran Samurai

1x Ring of Earth
1x Ring of the Void

“While others lament on what they should have done, the wise man prepares for what he should do next.”

Kakita Shimazu
Crane Clan Iaijutsu Master
Jade Hand Hero