Hiruma Teri
Crab Clan Samurai Hiruma Sensei Legion of the Jade Hand


Teri is of middle height and just turned 40. He generally is found in heavy armor, like most Hida bushi, and always has his ono nearby. The only thing that sets him apart from most Crab (besides the fact that he is armed as a Hida instead of a Hiruma Scout) is his Shinjo warhorse.


He is a good natured person, usually. Always quick to laugh at a joke and offer one of his own (even bad ones). However, he is completely serious in battle, and in discussing the Crane. He has disliked the Crane for most of his life. In fact, he has admitted on more than one occassion that he would gladly chop off Doji Kurohito's head with his ono given the chance. However, he has a grudging respect for the Crane members of the Jade Hand and would defend them as he would a member of his family. For he feels that the Jade Hand is his family.

Currently, he has joined the army of Akodo Kaneka in order to put his dislike of the Crane to good use by protecting the Yasuki lands.


Teri is the cousin of the Hiruma daimyo, Hiruma Masagaro. Masagaro is his only living relative. His father died in the battle to retake Hiruma Castle and his mother died battling the Crane Spirits when they tried to take the Yasuki lands (hence the main reason he dislikes the Crane). He feels that his students and the Jade Hand are his second family.


Teri was born in the year 1120. After Hiruma Castle was retaken, he was sent to the Hiruma Scout School at the Shinjo Dojo, but for various reasons, he ended up training as a Shinjo Bushi instead. When the Ki-Rin attacked the Unicorn, he was still in the Unicorn lands and spent most of the Spirit Wars fighting on the side of the Unicorn. His time with the Unicorn caused him to become very close to them and much more accepting of their ways than other Rokugani. In fact, he picked up some of the Unicorn habits and mannerisms, among other things.

After the wars, he returned to the Crab lands and swore fealty to Masagaro. He was also allowed to attend the Hida Bushi school since it was already determined that he had no future as a Hiruma Scout. After receiving the basic training of a Hida Bushi, he realized that his Unicorn training could be easily combined with his Crab training, and that if the Crab had cavalry as strong as the Unicorn's, the Crab would truly be the strongest Clan. So, he decided to start a school that taught a combination of Hida and Shinjo techniques. His school isn't official yet, but he still teaches those who can learn.

Over the years, he has become a respected sensei (among the Hiruma at the very least) and is still well known by the Unicorn (especially the Shinjo).

Even though, as a sensei, he did not see much active duty in the last few years, he was very active during the Yasuki War. However, he fought more for revenge than anything else.

During the War, he witnessed Hida O-Ushi's death at the hands of Doji Kurohito. Upon seeing this, he flew into a rage and attempted to charge his horse through several of the Doji Elite in order to get to Kurohito, but a swift arrow from Daidoji Rekai knocked him from his horse and would have killed him if he hadn't been wearing his heavy armor. He spent the rest of the war on the sidelines. He holds no grudge against Rekai and, in a chance meeting after the war, he told her that he knew she was only doing her duty. However, he has sworn to one day bag Kurohito's head. Most of Teri's hatred of the Crane is now focused on Kurohito.

When he learned of the formation of the Jade Hand, Teri eagerly joined, as did all of his students. Ironicly, working along side with members of every clan, including the Crane, has made him more tolerate of the Crane. He still wants to kill Kurohito, and would definitely try if he ever gets another chance, but the Crane members of the Jade Hand have his respect.

When Akodo Kaneka declared himself the Shogun, Teri joined his army in order to help protect the Yasuki lands, but he really wants to prove the worth of his techniques by teaching some of Kaneka's men to properly use their Unicorn steeds. Currently, Teri can be found either with the Jade Hand, with the army of the Shogun, somewhere in the Crab lands, or somewhere in the Unicorn lands, which he visits frequently. He is never in one place for very long, unless he's doing something important. He does spend most of his time with the Legion, when he can, training his students and anyone else who is interested.