Tamori Shosei
Dragon Clan Alchemist * Shugenja

Physical Description:

Shosei is young, almost 22. He's of medium height, with slightly longer than shoulder length black hair, usually tied back in a topknot. He is missing his right arm to the shoulder, and his face is usually slightly blackened from the soot of his chemicals. His left arm is has a non-magical tattoo of a dragon winding around from shoulder to the back of his left hand. He's usually dressed in a loose-fitting dark green kimono with many pouches, made of some strange material that does not seem to burn.


Shosei is easygoing and slightly absentminded, with a tendancy to devote his entire attention to a project, seeming to ignore any outside stimuli, although his friends suspect that he may be paying more attention to the outside world than it looks, he just doesn't care. He has a strange sense of humor, often cracking jokes that make no sense to anyone but him. Some people can find this slightly irritating, but his friends know to ignore it, and know him to be loyal to a fault, and dedicated to his clan and the Jade Hand. He is often to be found experimenting with new uses for Jade powder or fiddling with his explosives, which he seems to have an unhealthy fascination with. He is an adequate shugenja, although he usually prefers using alchemy rather than magic, finding it more reliable.
Usually cheerful, the only thing that will darken his mood is mention of maho-tsukai or his father, and he has an obsession with punishing those who were corrupted by their own will. This is because his father was killed as a result of the actions of a corrupted witch hunter, Sadao. Shosei is now obsessed with hunting down and destroying Sadao, whatever the cost.
Since losing his arm, Shosei has retreated to his home to recuperate and find some measure of peace with himself. He's become moody and almost tempermental, his once carefree attitude replaced by something darker. He devotes his time to training with his left arm, trying to regain the dexterity and strength that he lost with his right. He still makes jokes, but they tend to be very dark or morbid.


Shosei is the son of Tamori Euiko, a cousin to Tamori Shaitung, and Tamori Atasuke, a former magistrate who retired to marry into Euiko's family. He has no siblings that the Legion knows about, and has no wife. Although directly related to Shaitung, Shosei is far down the line of inheritance, and only likely to inherit the lands held by his mother. The castle of his birth is located on Dragon Heart Plain, on the borders of the lands of the Ox. Recently, this castle was burnt to the ground by the Phoenix, and almost everyone within killed, including Euiko. The only survivor was a young Dragonfly girl named Tonbo Chie, who now travels with Shosei.


Shosei has been studying with the Kuni at the wall since shortly after his gempukku, having enlisted to study with Kuni Michinori. No one knows why he choses to stay here, rather than back in the mountains of the Dragon, as he has not chosen to tell anybody about his history with Sadao. He was one of the first recruits into the infant Legion of the Jade Hand, and has formed many friends there. Since the loss of his arm, he has returned to Dragon lands, but does not himself know what he is going to do there.

Stories he's in:

The Power of Jade, by Matt Dalen
Shadows of the Past, by Matt Dalen
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