Mirumoto Ryo
Dragon Clan Samurai ē Niten Master

Physical Description:

Ryo is young for his title, at only 18 years old he is one of the youngest masters of the Dragonís enigmatic Niten style ever. He is taller than most Rokugani at 6í1Ē and fairly light at 168 pounds. He has black hair that freely flows down to the middle of his back. Normally garbed in a Jade green dragon embroidered Kimono, Ryo has occasionally been seen in his fatherís armor while on dangerous assignments or special occasions.


Ryo is quite and observant. He has a sharp mind with a knack for tactics. He speaks little unless around those he knows well and is comfortable with. He is very focused, and though spiritual, he only prays to Yakamo and Hitomi regularly. Though normally cheerful and optimistic, Ryo also lapses into deep bouts of depression that are followed by great rage to the point of going berserk. If he cannot go hunting in the Shadowlands during this time he is known to stay in the dojo all day practicing kata or praying to Hitomi and Yakamo.


Ryo is the son of Mirumoto Seiji and Shiba Kitsiko, neither known for much more than their denial of the war brewing between their respective clans. He has no siblings.


While young, Ryo had to witness a terrible tragedy, his mother being killed by his father. She had been attacked while on patrol and disappeared. Later she resurfaced, tainted. Seiji was there with Ryo as she walked into the Dragon village, slaughtering peasants. At this point he could take no more and Seiji slew the creature his wife had become. Ryo watched, horrified as this occurred, then as his father left him with the Niten masters of Shiro Mirumoto with his sword and armor. Seijiís final tasks done, Ryo watched in absolute terror as his father committed seppuku before him. Memories of this provide his rage and depression, though the events themselves are known only to Shosei, Keitko, and Okami. Ryo served on the wall to escape the Phoenix-Dragon war. He joined the Jade Hand as a way to strike at the Shadowlands in the most vicious way possible.