Hida Keitko
Crab Clan Thug

hrm. I guess I'll have my guy start at the end of the Spirit Wars. So, he's what...35?

Since I didn't know anything about Japanese names when I dreamt up Keitko, I guess he has to be smaller than most Crab, but tends to have a short fuse, especially when his height is mentioned. He is a stout fragger and has gained quite a bit of glory for his actions in Heroes Left Unwritten and Unity as well as other things yet unwritten.

He gains honor and glory I suppose for forming The Legion of the Jade Hand with his old buddy Okami. He favors large weapons (duh), typically swinging a dai tsuchi in battle.

He had quite a distaste for the Crane Clan before they started to arrive in the Jade Hand. He would be quick to voice his opinion of Yasuki lands whenever the subject was brought up (even if he wasn't in the conversation to begin with). He now has a grudging respect for those Crane Clan people who have journeyed to the Fortress of the Jade Hand.

Of late, Keitko has done better with holding his anger in check. If Okami is around, Keitko will merely clench his jaw and let Okami speak, lest he draw his warhammer and end the issue completely.

Unfortunately, Keitko believes that the Shadowlands can be eradicated if a large enough army were to invade it. He has extensive knowledge of the cursed lands, but wholeheartedly believes that if enough shugenja united from the Empire the taint could be removed from the lands to the south.

He is good at inspiring his troops, especially when leading by example. He isn't much of a tactician, preferring to fight with brute force and minimal tactics.

He has never revealed why he chose his name on the day of his Gempukku. I think his father's name will be Keitkaro or somesuch, or he may be named after a beloved sister lost when he was still quite young. That would be for me to decide :)

Stories He's In: Heroes Left Unwritten, by Yasuki Tsuke
Unity, by Hida Keitko
When Darkness Descends, by Hida Keitko
Yu, by Tamori Shosei