Moto Chaijo
Moto Family Shugenja*Unicorn Cavalry Raider*Jade Hand Scout

Physical Description:

Chaijo stands only a little over 4’6”, but has a stocky, athletic build. He never wears the robes of a priest or holy man, preferring instead to dress in simple peasant clothes or pale white armors trimmed with purple, and then usually with the white kabuki mask style of face paints worn by his forefathers during the days of the Dark Moto.


When performing a duty or task set before him, he is usually dour and serious. Only occasionally will he reveal emotion: bursts of laughter or joy at odd moments, such as on the battlefield, or confusion when the Rokugani ways do not make sense to him. When not performing some task he is quite friendly and enjoys life’s pleasures. He avoids politics, for which he is ill suited, when at all possible, preferring to spend his time in small villages or in the wilderness. He is very skilled in Medisho and water magic, and knows some fire and earth magics. Also, while he is untrained in the Tao or the common rituals as most shugenja know, he possesses a deep sense of faith and mysticism. He is adept at falconry and horsemanship and is a master at the skill of hunting. While not a warrior, he is more skilled in the arts of war then any of the courtly or religious skills. His training makes him suited only for scouting and raiding, however, as he lacks the abilities to properly lead a battle.


Chaijo’s mother died during his birth and he had to be cut from her, a dark omen in many eyes. His father died on the same night, attacked by dark spirits who left no trace of wounds. Chaijo was raised by his uncle, a warrior in the Khan's armies, who sought to raise Chaijo in the ideals and knowledge of a soldier. However, Chaijo’s “blessing” was soon noticed by the mystics of the Unicorn, and he was brought to a shugenja dojo to be taught. He was instructed by Vordu and is considered by many to be a ‘failed student’ of shugenja arts, though Vordu still keeps a watchful eye on him.


Chaijo was born cursed by ancient spirits that haunt him, but his uncle always referred to the problems they caused Chaijo as “blessings” and the young man continues to call them that to this day. He is cursed to hear the sounds of warriors who do not rest and see the battlefields of ancient conflicts. In the ancient times of the Moto people he would have been a priest of the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang, the Lords of Death, but that practice was abandoned centuries ago. However for the last few decades Vordu - among others - has begun to rediscover that lost heritage, in anticipation of their return after the founding of Shiro Moto and the eventual death of the Khan. Vordu trained Chaijo to serve as a priest to the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang, but also as a guardian against them. He is aware of this purpose and has come to believe it is the hand of Fate guiding his destiny. If he is to be caught between fighting and serving the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang, then he will simply have to make them fight and serve him as well.