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Hida Okami: Co-Founder and List Owner
Hida Okami is also known as Shaun Scott, a 35-year old Micro$erf. He has played L5R since Honor Bound and was drawn to the Crab Clan because they represent a dedication to duty. He is a self-educated student of bushido and kendo. Okami is known for his unyielding and passionate debate; and that enthusiasm and passion was instrumental in turning Keitko-san's idea into reality.
Hida Keitko: Co-founder and List Moderator
Hida Keitko is in real life William Bogard. He has played L5R since about the time of Crimson and Jade and has been an avid Crab clan player since the first RPG came out. William dreamt up the name "Keitko" without much research into Japanese names (oops), and the character was made into a Rokugan 2000 card. William originally wanted the Jade Hand to be an elite group of 5 Crab players, but when Kuroda was revealed as serving the Dark Lord of the Shadowlands, that idea quickly changed.
Tamori Shosei: Webmaster
Tamori Shosei is in real life Matt Dalen, mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet...er...student at Cornell University. Matt's been playing L5R since around Soul of the Empire, and has been a Dragon clan player since then. He decided on his persona when the Tamori family was founded, although he didn't do much research into Japanese names for it. Alchemist is the closest thing he could find to computer scientist in Rokugan, so he used that. Matt has a twisted sense of humor, and also plays Babylon 5, Shadowfist, and Heroclix.
Moto Maratai
Moto Maratai is in real life Yoon Ha Lee, a math-teacher-to-be and sf/f writer. She discovered L5R in college when she was mystified by overhearing illogical (to the uninitiated) phrases like "I bow Blacksmiths to make an Iron Mine," and gravitated to the Unicorn as a way of trampling her boyfriend's (now fiance's) Crab provinces. Her website, which includes zany things like L5R limericks and an illustrated L5R-based fable, is the Pegasus Nest.
Daidoji Gisei
Daidoji Gisei is in real life Nancy Sauer, bakery manager and Girl Scout leader. She's been playing L5R since around Honor Bound. When the time came to choose a clan she almost swore fealty to the Crab, but eventually sided with the Crane as they are the clan most similar to the Girl Scouts. She got her name from a cookbook, The Book of Tofu.
Kakita Shimazu
Kakita Shimazu is in real life Andreas Stavropoulos, a 37(!) years old civil engineer living in Greece. He continues to play L5R (ccg & rpg) after all these years (started from Imperial Edition) and enjoys the game a lot. He always played Cranes and hates all forms of corruption. Sometimes in real life he thinks that he's still an iaijutsu master!
Bayushi Takagashi
Bayushi Takagashi is in real life Jerry Gerstenslager. He has been an avid if not rabid L5R player since about Forbidden Knowledge. He played Phoenix in a demo, a game in which he got Hida Kisada. After that, he bought a starter for his brother, in which lay the seductive Bayushi Kachiko. It was at that point that he swore fealty to the Scorpion. Jerry constantly tinkers with new decks and builds decks for every clan, plotting strategies for later tournaments. Jerry strives for complete playsets of anything with the Gold bug on it.
Hiruma Teri
Hiruma Teri is in real life Terry Corbett, Jr., a 21-year-old graduate from NC A&T State University. He has been playing since right before Honor Bound came out. He learned about L5R from an article in InQuest Magazine and was drawn to the Crab by the quote on the Pearl Edition Crab Starter. His first pack came with Hitomi. The store owner opened a pack of Pearl right then and pulled Hida Yakomo Exp 2. For reasons he didn't understand at the time, he knew he needed Yakomo and traded Hitomi for Yakomo before playing his first game. The First Jade Hand Samurai was a part of his deck up until Gold came out and now has a place of honor in his Crab collection.
Akodo Daikatsu
Akodo Daikatsu can sometimes be found as Javier Heredia, but that's just a clever ploy. A newer player to the game, he chose the Lion clan by accident as it was the only starter available to him. He's never regretted the move since learning that the ideals of the Lion clan mirror his own in many ways. A network engineer in real life, he says it's just an excuse to surf the web all day.
Yasuki Mahon
Yasuki Mahon is in real life Joshua Scites. Currently 16 years old, Joshua played L5R for 4 years as a Unicorn before joining the Crab Clan 3 years ago.
Akodo Tsutashi
Akodo Tsutashi is in real life Shane Sexton, a Sacramento CA native who left his heart in Santa Cruz. Fortuantely, for the time being, his body has followed. His girlfriend at U.C.S.C. introduced him to L5R at the release of Gold Edition. Her friends were well-equipped with a big pile of old cards to help him get started. He learned to play with a Crab deck, and the valiant crustaceans remain close to his heart, but he chose fealty with the Lion. Most of his fellow S.C. players share his refusal to taint his decks.
Hida Yamagata
Hida Yamagata is in real life Franz-Martin Hertel, 19 year old German student. He has been playing L5R since Anvil of Despair, starting out with Toturi's Army. Fortunatly, he picked up the last Emerald Starter which was avalaible in his store. It was a Crab one... Since then he has kept his fealty to the defenders of Rokugan. Favourite Character: Hida Kisada!
Hida Gotetsu
Hida Gotetsu is in real life Tom Doolan, a 31-year old loving husband and father (his daughter is 6 and can't wait until she is old enough to play too). He entered Rokugan through the 2nd Edition RPG, where he immediately latched onto the Crab clan, thus creating the indomitable Gotetsu, a Samurai of great honor and boisterous humor, but with a small, dark secret. Tom has been playing the CCG since just before Gold came out, starting with an open Crab deck and an open Ratling deck (Crushing attack!). His voice can often be read on Deathseeker, where he preaches his support of pure decks, and often flames those who shun the storyline aspects of the game in favor of winning.
Akodo Katsumitsu
Akodo Katsumitsu is in real life Alex Sluder. He started playing L5R at around Emerald Edition and bought the only starter pack left: Lion Clan. Ever since he has been an avid Lion player, and finds the ties of Honor and Duty as the Emperor's right hand to suit him just fine. He's fairly new to the tournament scene and has only begun to experiment with tournament decks. He lives in Seneca, S.C. and works at Cryovac, Sealed Air Corp. making shrink film for food products, cd's, etc. Alex is 28 years old, with a wife and a daughter (18 months old).
Hida Anton
Hida Anton is in real life Antonio Blazevic, a 25 years old dentist student from Denmark. He has been playing L5r for about 3 years. Antonio started playing crab because all his friends just threw crab cards after him, but in time he learned the power and the sacrifice the crab represent. He has the great honour of being unbeaten by ANY SHADOWLANDS player in tournaments...so, in his words, "BRING IT ON Shadow player and I´ll crush you..."
Togashi Ozaki
Togashi Ozaki is, in real life, Zak Whyte, a 16 year old player from Poway, CA. He originally started playing as a Lion, but didn't like the way they played, so he took a sabbatical. He then decided to come back by playing Dragon, and the rest is history.
Akodo Kagero
Akodo Kagero, also known as Mike Till, is an eight year Army veteran, husband, father of two, and a dedicated Lion player (CCG) since late 2001. He learned the game with a friend while still in the Army and deployed, and was taught the finer points of the game by Rob "Mirumoto Shokan" Bowman, whom he greatly respects and holds in deep regard. He is now very happily a civilian and continues to play the CCG as often as his wife will allow.
Hida Togeriso
Hida Togeriso is in, real life, Paul Thorgrimson. At the age of 29, Paul has studied at Brandon University (history and theology, but degree unfinished), Confederation College (Architectural Design Technologist), and at several Buddhist temples. He has studied jodo, judo and iaido throughout the years, and wishes to find a place where kendo is offered. Paul has played L5R since Imperial Edition, and has an extensive dislike for the Shadowlands and corrupt decks. He has never left the Crab, though he occasionally plays Ratling and Dragon. In his spare time, he writes fiction(many works can be found on the web), paints, and is currently taking up carving and drawing (“pen and sword in accord”). His honourific of ‘Lorekeeper’ was granted to him by John Wick, the change in his character’s name to Togeriso was offered by Ree Soesbee, and he one day wishes very (VERY) much to write for AEG, as a thank you for the years of fun they have provided him.
Shiba Dokan
Shiba Dokan, aka Joe Reil, is a 29 Year old Typesetter from central Vermont. Engaged to be married in August 2004, he has been playing L5R since the relatively early days of Forbidden Knowledge. He started as a Naga player, (known as Qashar, the Naga Herald), and is still loyal to the Akasha as much as the current storyline allows (he plays Naga in Open). Phoenix was always a solid second choice, and so for the purposes of the Gold storyline he became Shiba Dokan, a Phoenix samurai named for the historial poet and lord Ota Dokan.
Mirumoto Yotogi
Mirumoto Yotogi goes by Michael Todd in the world outside of Rokugan. He is currently 27 and lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Dody. He went to N.C. State University, where he started playing L5R during Hidden Emperor. His first deck was given to him by his roommate in 1998, who knew a true Dragon when he saw one. His decks always carry at least one Purity of the Seven Thunders, and he never hestitates to use it on anyone who carries the taint.
Hitomi O-Dan
In real life, I'm a 26 year old with a BA in Philosophy from the University of Maryland. I collect weapons, mainly of the Medieval variety. I've lived in Paris, Madrid, Cairo, New Delhi, and travelled all over those countries and more. I'm now preparing to eventually go to Grad. School for Comparative Mythology, and my dedication to Mythology of all kinds has certainly fueled my passion for L5R. The first set I remember buying I think was Hidden Emperor, but I may have been playing longer, my memory is much akin to Swiss Cheese. I started out playing Crab, as at that time The Battle Of Beiden Pass play sets abounded, and people would just GIVE me a Clan Sword. After a while of playing Crab, I went into a pretty long Naga phase. Once I had enough cards, I spread out to at least a deck every clan but Lion and Unicorn, and for a LONG time I refused to play Crane as well. Since then I've aligned myself with the Dragon, but I've played Crab (quite successfully) in tournaments as well, as my duty to my first clan never waned. I've always been a Berserker at heart, and NOTHING has made me happier than the new Crab Stronghold, and the plethora of new Berserkers and the beautiful Berserker Rage. Once I perfect my Koten deck, it may replace my Dragon Dueling in many tournaments to come. There is only one thing to fear, a Berserker obsessed with honor.
Doji Hajime
Doji Hajime is, in real life, Richard Steele, a 28 year old Canadian Historian who earns his pay outside his field. He has been playing the CCG since Emerald and the RPG since it came out. He was drawn to Crane because it struct him as being the most like the Classic Tokugawa samurai. He also plays Crab and Scorpion. He favours odd ball decks over the killer ones.
Moto Hotei
Moto Hotei is, in real life, Ben Raisher, a 23 year old student at CUNY Queens. He's been collecting since Gold, but only really started playing with Web of Lies. He was immediatly drawn to the Unicorn due to the attraction of cavarly, and the fact that they're the only Clan willing to eat red meat. In thanks for the Crab extending the Wall into Unicorn lands, he now stands with the Jade Hand, ready to crush corruption at every turn.