A month or two ago, I collected some questions and sent them to both Rich and Shawn. Here are Shawn's responses (a fair amount of wait and sees, but some interesting stuff): JH: 1) Is Yasuki Hachi ever going to find out that his long-lost little sister is now the Scorpion Clan Champion?[/quote] SC: I'm certain it will come up at some point in the future, yes. JH: 2) Will we see any more significant Naga interaction in the future, or is their story done?[/quote] SC: I wouldn't rule them out, but for the foreseeable future their stories will be limited to what is going on with Moto Chen and Akasha, for the most part. JH: 3) Now that Omen is the Oracle of Jade, does he have the ability to create jade, or just to use jadey spells to attack the Shadowlands? And if he can create jade, why isn't he using that to supplement the dwindling jade stores of the crab?[/quote] SC: Omen's abilities are defined in the RPG sourcebook Secrets of the Crab, but sufficed to say he has some wicked Jade spell mojo going on. JH: 4) Are the Gozoku and Iuchiban storylines going to continue into Lotus?[/quote] SC: Here it is, you knew it was coming.... "Wait and See! TM" JH: 5) Who are the current leaders of the Gozoku? By my count we've got Bayushi Atsuki, Doji Akiko, and Isawa Sachi, with Kaneka and Yoritomo Kumiko as allies but not necessarily leaders. Am I missing anyone?[/quote] SC: It would be premature of me to discuss the exact nature of that organization's leadership at this time. It won't be long in coming, however. JH: 6) What happened to the Free Ogres that tried to ally with the Crab? Are they still rebelling against the Shadowlands, or have they taken a side in the Daigotsu vs. Iuchiban battle?[/quote] SC: The Free Ogres would not serve Iuchiban, as they recognize a madman slave-driver when they see one. They are, at present, indpendant in the Shadowlands power struggle. How long that will continue to be the case remains to be seen. JH: 6 Followup) The Free Ogres are still tainted, right?[/quote] SC: Absolutely. Native Shadowlands creatures cannot be purified in survived, save for the rare exception. JH: 7) Is Satsu as naturally long-lived as his father? If not, does he have an heir yet? (and if he does, who's his wife?)[/quote] SC: He won't live as long as Hoshi did, but he has a decidedly supernatural degree of livlihood. JH: 8) We haven't heard from the Tsuno in a while. Are they still allied with Daigotsu, or are they all off doing their own thing with Ik'mat'chek?[/quote] SC: The Tsuno/Nezumi conflict has been eating up their time, although that will be coming to a head very soon as well. JH: 9) All of the people corrupted at the Koteis were supposed to become members of Daigotsu's court, but most of them so far have dropped off the face of the earth. Are we going to hear any more from them?[/quote] SC: Yes, you are. JH: 10) Last we saw, Garen had allied himself with Kumiko at the Phoenix courts. Has he integrated himself any further into the Imperial Courts, or is he still off on the Bitter Flower on a honeymoon?[/quote] SC: Garen makes appearances in court, but limits them to avoid detection. He and Kitao are very chummy right now. JH: 10 Followup) Is he actually appearing in the Imperial Court, or just the lesser clan courts?[/quote] SC: Lesser clan courts for now. Too many folks in the Imperial Court who would have a chance at piercing his disguise. JH: 11) So far, we have only seen one of Kokujin's shameswords in use. Will we ever learn who bears the rest of them? If you don't plan on introducing those facts in the story, do you mind listing who bears a few of them now?[/quote] SC: I have been making some notes on the Shamesword storyline lately, actually. I hope to address it before very long. JH: 12) In the Time of the Void sourcebook, it talks about Matsu Gohei leading a troop of mixed samurai and Ratlings, from the Broken Shinbone tribe. (There are also a bunch of mujina with him, for some strange reason). Are the Broken Shinbone still around? If so, what are they doing?[/quote] SC: The Broken Shinbone are still around, but they are very small in size and influence. They are not considered a "great tribe" (for lack of a better term), by the other major Nezumi tribes. JH: 13) Since there are conflicting reports on this, we'll get it from the horse's mouth: How did Rekai fall to the taint? Will we get a story about her fall, or do we have to be content with what we've gotten already?[/quote] SC: She will get her own tale one day, hopefully before it festers for any longer. This was just a case of mixed signals more than anything else. At first it was reported she fell at Hiruma Castle, but then she re-appears in the storyline in Lost in the Darkness, hale and hearty. THEN we find out she fell before the Rain of Blood, so her ultimate demise is independant of BOTH those incidents, and will be detailed in the future. JH: 14) Will the Legion of the Jade Hand ever show up as an anti-shadowlands/maho follower? Because that would be nifty. :wink: [/quote] SC: I would not be surprised. :) Shawn Carman
L5R Story Team